I got hold of an XB6 Modem, and its very heavy. So I wanted to see whats inside.

This is not a guide, and I don't know much about what's inside. Hopefully these are of use to someone.

My biggest question is why there is an SD card on the modem board, labeled DVR? What could this be used for? It has a single FAT32 partition with no data on it. And this modem has been used

Unless I just totally missed it, I don't see any DVR functions advertised for this gateway

There is three screws under the top panel, once you take those out you can just slide the unit out. Its PACKED with stuff and has Airgain market antennas all over the place

Notice the SD Card in the bottom left

Here is the model number TG3482G

Now to take it apart, its all Torx T8

But there was also a nut which I had to hold from one side, and get at with some small pliers

Removing the first board, its clear that its the Modem part of the device

And on the other side, once you remove the heatsink plate, you can see the SD card

Very strange! Why is it marked DVR? I can't find any advertised features for this.

Despite the modem being used for a month, there is zero data on the card. It has a single 32GB FAT32 partition and its completely empty. Any ideas?

The weird part is that it seems to be on the board which does all the modem tasks. What could an SD card do for a Modem?

Next up, perhaps the wireless controller? This and the other board has antenna headers

This was the only board with a power connection, and all three boards link together with that connector on the bottom that pushes in

The last board has the actual connections on, as well as more antenna headers

Then you can see the power supply

Removing it takes some work

The top part which has a very nice silent, but fast fan and all the antennas

That's pretty much it. I did this to gain some heatsinks for my Raspberry Pi, which yielded GREAT results with 2 different sized heatsinks that both work

Please let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions with what I should do with the parts!