My blog now has a fancy new status page made in Grafana with WorldPing

You can view it here, or just click on "Website Status" on the navigation bar above. I found inspiration from a reddit post which can be viewed here

I am running it in Docker, and its a very simply config. I added some options to enable Anonymous login so everyone can view certain pages

First create a volume for persistent data,

docker volume create grafana-storage

Then run

docker run \
  -d \
  -p 3000:3000 \
  --name=grafana \
  -v grafana-storage:/var/lib/grafana \
  -e "org_name=Grafana" \
  -e "org_role=Anonymous" \

Now on http://<your-docker-ip>:3000 you can view the login page, and use the default admin/admin username and password

To install the WorldPing plugin, run the following and restart the container

docker exec -it grafana grafana-cli plugins install raintank-worldping-app

Then, just follow the on screen setup when you open the plugin