Melted UPS Batteries

Melted UPS Batteries

For over 3 months now one of my UPS's has been complaining about its batteries. Being lazy, I just ignored it. This is a short post about what happens when you do that.

It started telling me the battery is not installed properly every day or so after a while

That's probably not good. So I ordered new batteries and waited for them to arrive.

When they arrived I went to remove the old pack, and they would not come out! I had to bend the UPS to get the battery pack out

As you can see, the batteries don't look good

It took a little effort to get them out the pack, but once I got them out you can see 2 of the batteries really took a beating for some reason

I am really surprised just how well this battery held together. It has expanded so much, but never split! I guess that's pretty good

I got my new batteries and put them in the sled, but I had to bend the UPS back. Thankfully a woodworking clamp is pretty good for this

Good as new!

I put the new batteries in and they work as they should

Thats all