Quick and easy Snipe-It Docker Deployment

I wanted to very quickly get Snipe-it up and running, but none of the guides seemed very simple, and they all wanted advanced configuration. Running these commands as-is will result in a functional Snipe-it deployment at http://<your-docker-ip>:8082

First you want to create two folders on your docker host, /media/snipe-mysql and /media/snipe-conf

sudo mkdir /media/snipe-mysql
sudo mkdir /media/snipe-conf

then, the mysql container

docker run \
--name snipe-mysql \
-d \
-e MYSQL_USER=snipe \
-e TZ=America/Chicago \
-p \
-v /media/snipe-mysql:/var/lib/mysql \
mysql:5.6 --sql-mode=""

You can change the MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD if you want to, as well as the MYSQL_PASSWORD, but just be sure to change them in the main container configuration too. Also make sure your timezone is correct

Now for the main application container

docker create \
  --name=snipe-it \
  --link snipe-mysql:db \
  -e PUID=1000 \
  -e PGID=1000 \
  -e DB_CONNECTION=mysql \
  -e DB_HOST=snipe-mysql \
  -e DB_DATABASE=snipe \
  -e DB_USERNAME=snipe \
  -e DB_PASSWORD="29fMXli8ZRQCXnxnUEG" \
  -e APP_KEY=base64:5U/KPKw1GN/Rz0fWYO/4FsSOqjmjvDAQzMCqwcAqstc= \
  -p 8082:80 \
  -v /media/snipe-conf:/config \
  --restart unless-stopped \

Finally, run the following to start the container

docker start snipe-it

Now when you go to http://<your-docker-ip>:8082, you can finish the setup

This may not be the best way to get Snipe-it running, but it will get it running. I just wanted to quickly test it out before committing fully to it.

Hopefully this helps someone