Recessed Lighting and Electrical Receptacle install for Picnic Table

Recessed Lighting and Electrical Receptacle install for Picnic Table

I needed some lights outside so I could sit at my picnic table at night without it being pitch dark. I decided to install some 4 inch recessed lights with a dimmer switch

My table is right next to my garage, so I have easy access to power and a place to mount the lights

These are the parts I chose for the install, the HALO Lights just require a hole to install and nothing else

I also used some outdoor electrical boxes and covers, along with a 4-1/4" hole saw

First I marked and drilled the holes. I went on the inside and made sure I wasn't going to hit any roof structure first

The light slid in with no issue. First I fished the romex through and connected it, and then pushed it all up

I mounted two outdoor plastic electrical boxes to the wall and fished the cable through. I decided while I was running electrical I may as well install a receptiple too

Here it is with the switch and receptacle, note that I switched them around. I installed some washers between the two to keep them spaces properly

I decided to use two different colors to differentiate between switch and receptacle. I used a 20a receptacle because its a 20a circuit, seems a waste to limit myself to a 15a plug

I really like how these turned out

All powered up

Looks great!

This is how it looks when it's completely dark out

That's all