Rosewill Build Quality Fail.

Rosewill Build Quality Fail.

Back in 2017 I bought one of the highly regarded Rosewill RSV-2600 cases. It wasn't great.

I had high exceptions since it was a very popular case, its even featured on the banner

As it turns out, the build quality was totally terrible.

First, the handles were too close to the screw holes, so even with screws with very small heads, it would dig into the handles. This is a standard 19" rack

Just the left side had this issue, the right hand side was fine.

Next, the IO Shield would not fit in at all. This was a standard Supermicro IO shield that had fit in my Fractal Design case perfectly. Even after I took a file to the Rosewill case, it never fit right. I ended up just living with it. Here you can see how bulged and deformed it is.

The final nail in the coffin was the fact they literally do not know how to produce low profile PCI slot covers. The ones they include are backwards...

Here you can see me attempting to install a Rosewill cover while normal spec PCI cards are installed

As you can see, the screw is on the complete wrong side. They have even accounted for this in their case by adding an extra screwhole on the left hand side

I did end up using the case and finishing the build, I just found some spare covers to use.

I contacted Rosewill about this, here is their first reply

I waited until the 4th of April and I still had not got a reply, so I emailed back and asked them on a status. I got the following back.

I never did get my replacement slot covers from them, but I don't really care all that much anymore

Hopefully this helps you make a decision on purchasing a case!