Bullshit Advertising Requests #1

I am going to start to post all of the crappy, spammy and scummy advertising requests I get here, lets kick the first one of with one from CONsumer advocate dot org (I broke that up to not give them more publicity!)

I got the following email from them

Wow, how nice of them, I get to advertise their website, and they will link to my website in a facebook post... Not even a permanent page entry like they are requesting me to do

The email looked a little weird though, so I decided to look at their review of VPN's. And well well well, interesting how they are getting paid by almost all of the places they are reviewing. Not even just that they are "partners" as they say, they literally have to disclose they are getting compensation!

I thought that was kind of weird, I decided to look at their other "reviews" of a random topic, lets say refrigerators...

Aaaaaand would you look at that.

I thought this was also really weird, so I scrolled down to the bottom of their page, and saw their address...

Well, "Ad Practitioners LLC" doesn't quite sound as nice does it? I also have to request them not to sell my information where legally allowed. Doesn't sound like they are advocating for consumers, are they?

I went to their website, and here is the smoking gun. They are literally just an advertising company

Sadly it looks like they are praying on some smaller websites to try and peddle their crap

If you also have a website, be careful to vet anyone who wants you to post their stuff!