Homelab power upgrade

Homelab power upgrade

I recently upgraded the UPS equipment in my lab. I moved from a single APC SMT1000RM2U and added a SMX1500RM2U and another one of the CyberPower PDU15M2F10R PDU's

This brings the setup to the following:

UPS01 - SMT1000RM2U with APC AP9631 Network Card
UPS02 - SMX1500RM2U with APC AP9630 Network Card
Each UPS feeds a Cyberpower PDU15M2F10R

This gives me 2500va and 1900w of capacity between the two UPS's which should be more than enough for the foreseeable future

The SMX1500RM2U also allows me to add additional battery capacity by adding the SMX48RMBP2U units. I plan on doing this as soon as I can find one for a reasonable price

I have dedicated the SMT1000RM2U to power my modem, firewall and switch (And by extension my AP) as well as the secondary PSU for my ESXi server. While this does leave it very under utilized, it means that I will have a very long runtime for my networking equipment