I knew my server closet was too warm, but I new knew just how warm it was. I got a Geist/Vertiv Watchdog 15-P environmental monitor that does temperature, humidity and dew point and is powered by PoE

The device gives you a Web UI to view charts, sends the information via SNMP and can give you email alerts

I got it used for $90 from an eBay seller called mntechnology, I used some cable management from Amazon and a Monoprice Slimrun Ca6a cable

I ran the cable around to the back of the rack

I decided to mount it in front of my rack, near the top which should give the worst case scinario for tempratures. The next part of this project will be installing an intake and exaust fan into the closet which should get things under control. As you can see, its quite hot in the room. The max it gets is around 98

You can set detailed alerts to go out via SMS or E-Mail

This is a super easy, great device that just works. I would have no issues purchasing again

Thanks for reading