My Lab Power Setup

My Lab Power Setup

A lot of people wanted to know what UPS's and PDU's I am running, and where. Here are all the details

I would highly suggest you read my post on setting up the power inlets, as it explains a lot

Home Server Room Power Upgrade + Multi-room UPS
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In that post I mention I am getting a much larger 3000VA UPS. I had a good deal lined up which fell through, so I am using a temporary UPS. That UPS needed new batteries, so I just went and replaced all the batteries, and the larger UPS will probably wait a while now

First in my rack I have an SMX1500RM2U with is connected to 2 Cyberpower PDU15M2F10R PDU's with the LCD displays

Next to that, I have an SMT1500 desktop unit which I got for free (Hence not a rack unit, I can't turn down free...)

Both of course have network cards, either an AP9631 or AP9630. The SMT1500 handles my desk, my wifes desk and my TV/HTPC in the living room

Here is a view of the power inlets, but I highly suggest you read the linked article at the top of this post. The UPS's are connected to the Server rack circuits on the right.

The General Purpose circuit has a spare CyberPower 1500va UPS connected

I am using this for random spare stuff, as these UPS's are pretty usless, see why here:

Cyberpower UPS’s - Try something else...
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This one has brand new batteries, so it should be good for a little while longer.

Connected to this UPS is a power strip, which powers all of my battery chargers

I have a bunch of battery chargers, power tool chargers, and a USB charger. Its nice to keep all the batteries in one place, with the chargers at the ready

That is the extent of the UPS's in the house, the power inlet setup lets me avoid having UPS's at all anywhere else, as you can see here, at our desks there is no UPS

And I have some Cyberpower PDU's under the desk for distributing the power, much nicer than a cheap power strip

Moving onto the garage where I have another rack. If you want to know more about what I have in there, you can read these two posts

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In the garage I have an SMT1000RM2u, which is more than enough capacity for anything I can keep out there

It too, of course has a network card

I monitor all three UPS's in LibreNMS, but they also have E-Mail alerts and remote shutdown configured for all of the devices attached